Ready To Reach More People?

I have a question for you today... 

Below are the 9 challenges you can choose from. They were created to help you focus on creating and spreading your message.  In the workbook each of these challenges has been broken down into easy to follow steps!

  • Challenge #1 - Tell Everyone You're Stretching
  • Challenge #2 - Share Your Expertise & Promote It Like Crazy
  • Challenge #3 - Refresh Older Content
  • Challenge #4 - Engage in a Cross Blog Conversation
  • Challenge #5 - Hold a WEbinar or Teleseminar To Grow Your List
  • Challenge #6 - Host a Hangout on Air Series
  • Challenge #7 - Offer & Host A Group Coaching Intensive
  • Challenge #8 - Create a Small & Mighty Gift Report
  • Challenge #9 - Make an Intentional Connection

If none of those challenges resonate with you, you can always make up your own challenge(s) to focus on! Not only does Kelly give you access to the workbook, you'll also get these bonus items: 

  • Pre-Challenge Checklist (PDF)
  • Article Examples & Templates (PDF)
  • Blog Post Promotion Checklist (PDF)
  • Daily Social Boost Checklist (PDF)
  • Topic Brainstorming Sheets (PDF)
  • Did You Bring The Sexy Double Check Sheets (PDF)
  • Access to her private coaching forum where you can join her & other challenge participants (including me!) for support &

Will you join me for the June Stretch Yourself Challenge? 

Sign up here: Be sure to use coupon code KELLYSGIFT to get in for FREE instead of paying $97! 

I've taken Kelly's challenge the last couple times she's offered it. Last time I paid the $97 and while it was well worth that price, I encourage you to grab it now while she's gone crazy ;-) and is offering it for free!


See you soon!