Protect Your Blogger Blog

After my recent post about protecting your blog from hackers, which primarily dealt with self-hosted WordPress blogs, I got a lot of emails and questions about securing a blog using Google Blogger. Well my first suggestion would be to move to a self-hosted WordPress blog.  :)  This is because your blog’s security is pretty much dependent on Blogger.  Of course there are a few things you can do to help, but overall you don’t really have control in regards to security.

If you are insistent on continuing to Google Blogger make sure to never give out your Google account email that is associated with your blog.

Secondly, turn on 2-Step authentication.  You should do this if you use any Google products, such as Gmail, calendar, etc…  This adds an extra level of security to your Google login.

Also don’t forget to backup your blog regularly, choose a super strong password, don’t give people admin access, and login out of Google when you are done.

Backing up a Google Blogger is simple but not automated.  Here are some links explaining how to do a backup:

Import and export blogs

How to Backup All Blogger Blogs at Once Through Google Takeout