Posting About Arts and Crafts to Celebrate Easter on Your Blog

Studio portrait of a young blond girl painting...

How will you celebrate Easter this year on your blog?

Yesterday, we discussed using your blog to creatively inform and educate your readers about the Biblical events of Christ's last week.

Today, consider using your blog to discuss Easter arts and crafts.

Easter is a perfect holiday for arts and crafts—either to do with the kids or to decorate your home.

Discuss Easter Arts and Crafts on Your Blog

  • Post your favorite ideas for fun projects to do with the kids: things to make, egg-dying activities, and so on. Think easy and inexpensive. These can be tried-and-true activities from your family or links to favorite posts you've discovered online.
  • Find good deals on arts and crafts supplies—either online or in retail stores—and post these for your readers.
  • Create themed project posts, assigning a different theme to each day: egg activities, baskets, outside decorations, and so on.
  • Choose several of the Christian symbols of Easter (cross, crown of thorns, palm branches, and so on). Post about projects involving these specific symbols. Encourage your readers to use their arts and crafts projects to tell the story of Easter (whether to children or visitors to their homes or church).

What kinds of Easter arts and crafts posts will you include in your blog this year?

Later this week, we'll discuss sharing Easter recipes and family traditions with your readers.