Online Prayer Meeting

We all know that prayer works wonders.  Prayer is our only way to speak with our Lord and Savior.   It's an essential part of life - both offline and online.  That is why I am starting an online blogging/business prayer meeting.  Once a week we will meet in my online conference room and pray for one anothers blog and/or online business. The first prayer meeting will be held on Monday, July 28, 2010 at 9:00pm CST.  Why so late?  Because my kids should be in bed asleep by then.  I don't want any interruptions when I am praying for my fellow bloggers and business owners.

If you would like to join me for the online blogging/business prayer meeting, just sign up below.  This will put you on the prayer meeting mailing list and I will be able to email you a reminder about the meeting as well as the login link to the conference room.

I hope you will join me.  Prayer is a powerful thing and something we can all use a little more of.

Edited: Due to other obligations, I am going to have to move the prayer meeting to Thursday, July 1, 2010 at 9pm CST. Sorry about. The prayer meetings will be held weekly, just on Thursday nights instead of Mondays. Thanks for understanding.