Online Ministry - Starting a Bible Study Blog

Starting a Bible Study blog takes a lot of work in my opinion.  Writing a Bible study can prove to be a bit more complex because it is after all, a study. That means that you have to study to show thyself approved (2Timothy 2:15) so that your Bible study has some legs to stand on.  Of course, before starting an new project you should pray to make sure it is God's will for you continue. Bible studies can created in a number of different ways - you are not limited to just writing out a Bible study.  You can create it as a podcast or a video. You can create it as a slideshow or powerpoint presentation.  Of course, you can always write it out as a blog post as well.

Of course before beginning and after diligent prayer, there are a couple things you need to decide on before you begin.

  1. Decide who your audience is.   Keep in mind that your audience will depend on the content. There are many types of Bible studies you can write on but all fall under two main categories: Book and Topical Studies. What type of studies you are going to focus on?   Will you just focus on Bible studies for moms?  Or Bible studies for those who are in a marriage?  Will study solely focus on the books of the Bible? You need to know who you are writing for and what you are writing about before you can even start.
  2. Determine how readers will participate. Will you host a weekly meeting to cover desired topics?  Will you communicate with your readers and answer questions via blogs comments or will you use a forum or maybe even Facebook?  Will you create the Bible study in PDF format to allow your readers to download it?  The answer to these questions may change over time, but you need to at least have a format in mind before beginning.  You can always change it later to better suit your audience.
Things to keep in mind
  1. Be consistent.  Formatting your Bible studies the same way will help your readers follow along, participate more, and allow them to learn more.
  2. Be timely.  If you are writing a multiple part Bible study that will span several days or weeks, post the studies in a timely manner.  Keeping your readers waiting for the next installment will just create frustration and they may even forget all about it.
  3. Be Biblical based.  This should be obivious, but when writing a Bibles study make sure you use the Bible!  Use the Bible as your source.  Remember scripture interprets scripture.
Above all remember why you writing the Bible studies.  You are ministering to others by sharing the Word of God.  You are fulfilling part of the great commission - "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations,....Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you." Matthew 28:19-20.
Do you write Bible studies on your blog?  Do you have any tips to share?