My Top Tips for a Stress Free Christmas

Stress Free Christmas  


It's supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year....but maybe not so much as holiday stresses, family and money concerns tend to pile up during this time of year. This blogger offers some sanity saving tips to help you focus on what's truly important during this time of year.

It doesn’t have to be perfect! For so many years, I would get super stressed at Christmas thinking that everything had to be perfect. But I have learnt (the hard way!) that it doesn’t! People won’t remember the perfectly folded napkins, they won’t remember the perfectly wrapped colour co-ordinated presents, and you know what? They won’t even remember the perfectly cooked, immaculately decorated dessert that you spent hours on. What they will remember is the atmosphere, the laughter, the Christmas where you dropped the dessert when you were carrying it to the table. And they will remember the memories that are created by just being with family and friends.