Living Life Outside of the Shell: Finding Balance

Those of us who are introverts are frequently admonished to "come out of our shells." Yet, as this blogger points out, we don't need to completely ditch the shell. It serves as a purpose of refuge and retreat. It's important that we take the time to refuel our spirits so that we are not stepping out of our shells in our own strength.

We don't have a physical shell but we do have a spiritual one.  And just like turtles we can't live without that shell as our protection. Our shells are our place of refuge in God. If we don't first run to Him in our quiet place where it's just us and Him, we will never be brave enough to stick our heads outside the shell.  Our shell is where we retreat and get a word from God. He downloads dreams into us in our shell. He prepares us for what is to come in our shell.  

Life Outside the Shell: Don't ditch the shell!.