Jesus, Our Status Bar

Hello, fellow bloggers! My name is Dee and I am assistant, editor, all-around Girl Friday, and non-tech techie to Christian Author D.I. Telbat. It's a busy, but exciting, life! I enjoy editing and fine-tuning David Telbat's manuscripts and blog posts, but I have also found it's easy to miss things, no matter how much time I spend on a project. The Lord has blessed me with several Christian teacher friends, and they have been gracious enough to come alongside to add fresh eyes and perspectives when I need them. And they always find something that we've missed!

It used to cause me great consternation and stress that I couldn't be perfect. But I've come to accept the facts that no one knows it all, and we all need others, no matter what road of life we are traveling.

Having manuscripts professionally edited is so important, and I think even more so if one is publishing in the digital world. There has been much publicity about poor writing being published digitally because it's so easy to do nowadays. It makes our jobs as editors that much more important to produce quality material in order to raise that status bar.

But the same is true with our blogs—whether you blog for an author site, like I do, or for your own pleasure—we have an obligation to do the best that we can do, because, as Christians, we not only represent ourselves, we are representing the Lord Jesus.

There has been a lot of news about several well-known authors moving from traditional publishing to epublishing. They have certainly helped to raise the digital publishing status bar.

But, as believers, our ultimate editing and publishing status bar is Jesus, and we long to hear His words: "Well done, good and faithful servant." (Mat 25:23a)

Keep polishing those manuscripts and blog posts! And when you hear "Well done!" and "Sold!," you'll be glad you did! :)

About the Author: Dee K. Borah lives in the NW with her husband of 39 years. They have four grown children, and four wonderful grandchildren. She edits and publishes Christian Author D.I. Telbat's eBooks and blog posts, and spends much time on their website at