How To Install Google Analytics

Everyone wants to now how many people visit their blog every day. Some people may check their stats every hour, some every day, and some people maybe check them once a week. To be able to check your stats though, you have to have some sort of analytics program installed on your blog. If you offer advertising or want a sponsorship, blog stats is something you will be asked about.

My analytics program of choice is Google Analytics. The best feature is that it is free! I also like

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how easy it is to install - just copy and paste some code - and the advanced features are pretty neat. I really enjoy the goal setting and having the ability to link it to my adsense account as well.

Below is a quick video tutorial on how to install Google Analytics on your WordPress blog.

That's it! You have now installed the Google Analytics code on your WordPress blog. Of course there are plugins that supposedly take care of this for you, but I don't like having to use plugins if I don't have to. With an analytics program installed on your blog, you can now track your visitors, the number of view you get a day, what keywords are being used to find your site, and much much more.