Have You Given Your Blog to the Lord?

As I was driving home from picking up my children from Vacation Bible School a song became stuck in my head.  That song was “Is Your All On The Alter?”  Many of you probably know this song as it is often played during a church invitation or alter call.  It is really a beautiful song and when I got home I immediately did a search on YouTube for it.  I hoped that by listening to the song I might have some chance of clearing it from my mind.  But no luck – it continued to stay in my mind asking me “Is your all on the alter?” This got me thinking.  Is there something in my life I have not fully given over the Lord?  My house, my children, my finances, my blog?  There is room for improvement in all these areas of my life.  While I may have initially given an aspect of my life to the Lord over time I discovered I was taking it back.

One verses of the song goes like this:

O we never can know What the Lord will bestow Of the blessings for which we have prayed, Till our body and soul He doth fully control, And our all on the altar is laid.

It just hit me!  How can I expect the Lord to answer my prayers if I have not given everything to him?  Or if I keep taking it back.  It is like giving a child a toy, letting the child play with it for a while, and then telling that child he or she can no longer have the toy.

The same principal applies to our blogs.  One of things I highly advocate for a successful blog is to pray for your blog.  But if you have not given your blog over the Lord you are not reaping the full benefits.  So what are the full benefits of giving your blog over to the Lord?

  1. The Lord will bestow blessings on our blog as just as He would if it were you life you were handing over.  Some of use may even feel like we are handing our life by handing over our blog.
  2. You will have less worries.   There is no need to worry about something if you know the Lord is in control. You don’t have to worry about your blog.  See Proverbs 3:5-6
  3. Your faith will grow and not only will this benefit your blog but it will also benefit your personal life as well.