Energize Your Blog


Today's post is going to be a little different. Recently, the good folks at BlogEnergizer.com have offered to write any blog an exclusive interview so I said yes and here's the interview with team leader, Lynette Chandler. I hope you find lots of good information in it as I have and don't forget to vote for me because the interview with the most votes will win some cool prizes. Question 1: Is Blog Energizer easy enough to use for a brand new blogger?

Well, we don't actually provide any tools or software (yet). What basic members get is a list of resources every week. How you use the resources is up to you, however as I wrote to our members not too long ago, even if you don't find the resources relevant to your blog, train yourself to approach them from multiple angles and you'll often find so many things to blog about from one suggestion.

Question 2: How can Blog Energizer help a brand new blogger?

The Premium membership is going to be the most useful for new bloggers to build a pattern of regular blogging and help them learn to recognize posts that can and should be monetized as well as build writing skills. This is because Premium membership comes with 90 blogging prompts every single month and where applicable, we also provide suggestions what type of products and recommendations that the blogger can put into the posts to monetize their blog.

As for free members, we also put out blog topic suggestions. And like I've always encourage everyone even the free resources we share like coupons, deals, free downloads they can put up on their blogs, if cultivate a habit of looking at them from a different angle they can be great ways to start a conversation on your blog with your readers.

Also, when we find people seeking guest writers. I'm sure you may have been told guest blogging is one of the many ways to get your name out there. This can be quite valuable to a new blogger. We save you time by letting you know who would love to have you. And these are just a snapshot of how being plugged into our membership can be useful.

Question 3: How can Blog Energizer help a blogger who doesn't have trouble coming up with content?

Then the best way to utilize the membership is as a springboard for your shareables. What I mean is, create free ebooks, reports, themes, software, audio even videos that other bloggers can share or write to their readers about. Take time to come up with activities like this Interview Project we did and use our membership base to generate initial interest. Request blogs to be guest blogger once in a while. All these help you build your brand, spread the word about your name and ultimately, bring traffic.

Question 4: If you could only give one piece of advice about blogging, what would it be?

Use your own domain. Whether you plan to monetize it or not. Don't put your brand name in the hands of others and don't build traffic for other people's domain. When you use your own domain, you have better control in the future and be able to take that traffic with you no matter what blogging tool you use.

Question 5: What types of niches would benefit best from Blog Energizer?

Well, we try to cover a wide variety but sometimes things just happen to fall into its place. And we go where our members lead us. Most of our members tend to be women and or solo entrepreneurs. So the topics we often suggest is catered to them, entrepreneurs, home, family, education and health bloggers tend to benefit the most.

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