Do You Offer Your Readers Hope?

Hope: A feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.

Most of us have a specific reason as to why we blog.  For some it is a hobby, for others a ministry or a business.  Now if you don't care about blog traffic, creating a community, comments, etc., then this doesn't apply to you.

People come to your blog looking for something and if they can’t find what they want, they usually don’t stay around.  Your blog readers are looking for hope.  They have an expectation of receiving the information you have promised them.

Do you know what your reader expects from you and your blog?  Does it align with your purpose for blogging or your ministry?  If not, maybe you need to make some changes.

What can you do to offer your readers hope?

  1. Have a mission statement or about page that clearly states the purpose of your site.
  2. Be consistent in the information you give.
  3. Put God first.

If your blog is a ministry being consistent in your ministries purpose will only increase the number of people you are able to minister to because you will be reaching those who specifically need it.  Your readers will feel like you are talking directly to them and it will give them hope.

This is something I’m still struggling with here on Faithful Bloggers.  At times I feel like the content I publish is all over the place without a rhyme or reason.  But it is something I’m working on and with some prayer I’m sure it will improve.