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Faithful Bloggers exists to help Christian blog and website owners get the word out regarding their ministry or business. We have a directory to help with that purpose, we recently announced a new benefit to those who are listed in the directory; the Directory Participant Spotlight. Those who are in the directory are welcome to submit a request to be spotlighted. We have had many submissions and chose the first spotlight randomly from the submissions using the random number generator.

We are proud to announce our first spotlight and ask that you stop by their website and support their work, tell them we sent you. Here's a bit about them, in their own words. 

It’s no secret that most women like to talk. And what’s wrong with that? Life as a Christian can get complicated, and sometimes, you just have to talk stuff out. Or digress, as we call it. Whether it’s mulling over the church’s aversion to a healthy discussion of sex, detailing how culture has corrupted the biblical meaning of judgment, giving advice on how to talk to a grieving friend, or just listing our favorite fictional couples, Damsels Digress has been an online forum where young Christian women express themselves since 2014. We strive for honesty, because if we’re never honest about where we are then we’ll never understand what we must do to grow. We hope our digressions will challenge both you and us to live a life dedicated to becoming more like Christ in our speech, conduct, love, faith and purity. 

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