Depressed: A Mother's Struggle to Overcome Depression

With the news of Robin Williams' untimely passing heavy on the hearts of many, conversations are taking place across social media about depression. Take the time to educate yourself. If it doesn't affect you, more than likely it affects someone in your life.

This blogger shares openly and honestly about her struggle.

All I can say for certain is that I am depressed. And I am accepting that.

I need medication. I am no longer fighting that.

Perhaps, maybe… God has allowed me to suffer with chronic depression for today, when after three years of spilling my life out into the blogosphere, I have suddenly shared with you that I battle depression. What if this burden I have carried for so long is because someone out there needed to know that they are not alone? Could it be that they needed to know that depression happens to good people, to great moms, and sometimes, we just need some help?

Depressed: A Mother's Struggle to Overcome Depression - Meet Penny.