Debbie from Heart Choices

Our very first Featured Member here at Faithful Bloggers is Debbie from Heart Choices. Debbie is our top commentor and we are so blessed by the comments she leaves.  Please read on to learn more about Debbie:

Tell us a little bit about you and your family.

Hi, I’m Debbie Petras.  I live in Phoenix, Arizona and have been married for almost 25 years to my husband Greg.  I was born and raised on Long Island, New York.

I was a very sickly and sedentary child because I was born with a congenital heart defect before open heart surgery was very advanced.  I know I’m showing my age but that’s OK.  Eventually, the surgery was performed when I was seven years old and I’ve been healthy ever since.

I became a nurse and worked for 25 years as a cardiovascular nurse specialist in a variety of healthcare positions including Intensive Care, Cardiac Rehab and cardiology practices.  I left nursing and have been working with my husband for the past few years in technology startups.

I was unable to have children but enjoy spoiling my nieces and nephews.  Greg and I dealt with many years of infertility issues.  For 8 years, I served as a children’s leader in Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) teaching little 3-5 year olds.  I believe this was a gift from God who never forgot my desire for children.

Would you share a little of your testimony with us?

I prayed to receive Jesus when I was seven years old.  The pastor’s wife took me for a ride prior to my open heart surgery to make sure I knew where I’d go if I died.  I understood and desired that relationship.  However, I had some wild years when I wasn’t living for the Lord.  About 16 years ago, I returned to church after attending my grandmother’s funeral.  She was a very godly woman and I just felt the Holy Spirit speaking to my heart.  Since that time, I’ve grown in my faith and I love the Lord more than ever.  I guess the difference now is that He is Lord of my life and not just my Savior.  I want to allow Him to work in and through me to reach others.

Why did you start blogging?

I began my blog Heart Choices in March of 2007 but only published 10 posts that entire year.  The reason I started blogging was to learn more about the internet and social networks because of the work I was doing with my husband.  It really wasn’t until the latter part of 2008 that I began to post on a regular basis.  At first, I thought I would write about heart health related issues because of my nursing background.  But I soon realized that physical health was only a portion of heart health.  And that’s where my faith came into the picture.

The focus of Heart Choices became …your day to day choices determine what your tomorrows will become.  These choices impact your body, soul (mind, will and emotions) and your spirit.  I can’t help but share my faith but I also welcome ALL people to Heart Choices.  I don’t mind discussions and different opinions but I always request that they be respectful.

How long have you been blogging?

I guess I already answered that one.  It took quite a while before anyone commented on Heart Choices and I was so excited when people began to follow.  But I always try to remember that it doesn’t matter so much about the numbers.  If there’s only one person who needs to hear my message, that’s OK.

What are your favorite things to blog about?  Why?

    • Faith – most important in my life
    • Health and fitness – establishing a healthy lifestyle is so important so we can be about the work we’ve each been called to do
    • Thankful Thursday – I love having one day a week to focus on all I’m grateful for
    • Family – I’ve found several new relatives through my blog
    • Friendship – I love meeting new blogging friends all over the world
    • Lifelong learning – I love to continue learning and reading no matter how old I am.  I enjoy participating in memes and writing on weekly quotes for In Other Words Tuesdays.

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