Content Idea - Interview Someone Else About Their Testimony

Coming up with content ideas for your blog can be difficult. You've written about every last thing you can think of. You've shared your testimony online more than once in more ways than you can count, so what to do? How do you bring life to your blog?

A really great way to bring life to your blog is to interview others and share their testimony on your blog. 

You can do this many times without anyone ever getting bored. You can set up a Google Documents form. If you have a Gmail open up your account and click "Google Docs", create new, choose Form, then follow the directions to create a form. Once you've created this, you'll get code to embed on a page in your blog or website. You can create an announcement to ask your readers to fill out the form. Make sure you include instructions that let them know they are giving you permission to publish their shared testimony. Once you have at least one response you can then format it to become a post. You can make this a regular weekly or monthly feature on your blog.

Once you have someone else's testimony that can give you ideas for content for the week before or after the testimony. If you base your posts on the person's testimony you will know what verses to discuss, what worldly topics to bring up, and what to write about for at least a week if you break each thought up into separate posts. You can even turn all of your entries into an eBook full of testimonies to share for free, sell for a small charge, or a donation.

Additionally, you can turn each testimony into a podcast if the people who enter agree to an interview. You can use a program such as Audacity, or Pamela. You can use these programs with Skpe or simply use telephones to record interviews. You can ask the same questions you asked on the form, or you can just chat and talk about whatever comes up. Sharing other people's testimony can help you fill your blog with relevant content for years to come while still encouraging your readers.