Choose to be Beautiful


Beauty is said to be in the eye of the beholder, but how does God view our beauty? This blogger explores the things in us that demonstrate real beauty. Beyond that, she discusses how being beautiful inside is a choice we make each day: through our actions and intentions. This post is a great piece of encouragement for someone who is feeling a little bit discouraged today.

It’s amazing how one person's words can have such a negative impact on you. You can have 10 people telling you positive things, and only 1 person telling you the negatives, but all you can do is focus on what that 1 negative person says! Even years down the track, those words can still haunt you and affect the way you live life.

But God is an awesome God and He can restore everything that has been taken from you!

I am Beautiful. (Did I really just say that?) | A Fish Out of Water.