Can Protestants & Evangelicals Celebrate Advent?

I remember little Advent boxes from Germany from when I was growing up and enjoyed opening up the little window, but I never really understood the spiritual significance of Advent until I become an adult.

Focusing on Advent can keep us from getting bogged down with holiday stress as we focus on the most important part of the season - the coming of Christ.

This blogger from a Protestant background explains the Advent Tradition and provides some helpful tips and resources to help readers observe this beautiful tradition.

Advent doesn’t have to be elaborate. In fact, for me, the more simple, the more meaningful it becomes. Advent doesn’t have to be Pinterest perfect. Light a candle each night at dinner and read a verse from one of the books below. Read one of the books below at bedtime. Pray each day in December and thank God for the gift of His son. There are many Advent traditions, but we aren’t bound by those traditions. Just making this time of year special, with a focus on Jesus, is just what we need sometimes! 

Can Protestants & Evangelicals Celebrate Advent?.