Blog Survey Results Are In ....And We Have a Winner

The blog survey we sent out last week proved to be even more informative to us than we had hoped. The results gave us invaluable insight as to what our fellow bloggers are thirsting for. As a result, going forward, we will have more direction and be able to help you in more specific areas and with more intentionality.

Among other things, the survey showed us that many of you are struggling to balance your work/life/blogging schedules. It seems, finding time to blog can be a frustration rather than an enjoyable part of your routine. Blogging should be something you look forward to...not a burden. See my last post to read more on this topic "Blogging For Ministry or Business - Be Yourself".

With that in mind, keep an eye out during the next few weeks for resources geared towards helping you plan and schedule your time so that your everyday routine is approached with more intention and a clearer mind.

In return for your help with our blog survey, we promised a gift card to a random participant. The winner is Lou Ann Keiser. Congratulations Lou Ann!!! Lou Ann blogs at Here's what she has to say,

"My blog, “In the Way” explores many themes from a biblical viewpoint. I'm a pastor's wife, mother of two, grandma, teacher, author, and blogger. I live in a quaint little village in the beautiful Basque region of northern Spain"

Be sure to stop by "In The Way" to say hello and offer up some congratulations.

Thank you all for your help. We look forward to putting the survey results to good use.