Blog Maintenance Checklist #3: Check for Broken Links

Broken Links Checking for broken links on your site is something you should do about every couple of months. When you’re blogging actively, chances are you’re going to be sending quite a few links out to cyberspace. The majority of those links will still work even months and years from today. But some of them won’t.

If a page you link to goes down, that reflects very badly on you. Users who click on a broken link on your site will instantly view you as less credible. They might also get frustrated, because there was a resource they wanted to access that they couldn’t get to.

To avoid broken link issues, scan your site for broken links every few months. Whenever possible, replace your old links with new resources. If there aren’t any comparable resources, then just unlink that hyperlink.

Below are a couple ways to check for your blog for broken links:

  2. Broken Link Checker WordPress Plugin
  3. Link Checker FireFox AddOn
  4. W3C Link Checker

If you have never checked your blog for broken links I think you will be surprised at what you find.  I know I sure was.