Awesome April Update

10389411_845561975516267_7352853470501745898_nA few weeks ago I posted, excited, about April and all the awesome things I was going to be doing. Things started off great. Things were going awesome and then bam! my world came to a screeching halt. On Monday, April 13th, at a little after 5pm, I received a phone call:

My mom: (sobbing, hard to understand) Tishia, Braylan has cancer

Me: (sobbing, heart racing, feeling sick to my stomach and can't catch my breath) NOOOOOOOOOO I screamed as my knees buckled and I dropped to the ground.

Braylan is my fun loving, energetic, full of life 4 year old nephew. At the time of that phone call, my brother, sister-in-law, Braylan and his 1 year old brother were on their way to a children's hospital about 3.5 hours away from where we live in Northern Michigan. When they went to their regular doctor to get results from Bray's recent blood work (he hadn't been feeling well), the doctor sent them immediately to the children's hospital. (the picture above is my brother and Bray Bray...on one of his good days at the children's hospital - which is AMAZING by the way)

The next 24 hours were a blur but I do remember not sleeping, not being able to stop crying and the anger I felt towards God. Yes, I'm angry with God. Yes I know it's not his fault and that being angry with Him is only hurting me...but that's a whole nother post for another day.

I can't believe the emotions just writing this has brought back. It feels like we're in a nightmare and I keep expecting to 'wake up' from it...except it's reality not a nightmare. We have a long journey ahead of us but the doctor's are very optimistic about his treatment plan and that his leukemia is curable and that he'll be in remission shortly. So right now, that's what I'm hanging onto.

So needless to say...Awesome April pretty much came to a halt. Being with my family has been more important than being awesome and working on the challenges I joined/was a part of. Slowly but surely I'm trying to find a 'normal' again and get back into the groove of my online business and doing what I love here at Faithful Bloggers - interacting with you on the forum, providing learning resource and more. Plus I even managed to get things going for the upcoming Faithful Bloggers Podcast which I'm so excited about!

If you would like to follow along on this journey, please check out his Facebook Page Braylan's Healing Journey. But most of all - please keep praying!

Until next time....