A Few Ways Prayer Can Help Build Your Content


There are a number of tools that you can use to build your content, and as a Christian, you have one of the most powerful ones with you at all times. Believe it or not, prayer can be used to help build your content. Here are a few ways that a daily conversation with God can be used to generate more content.

Prayer Use # 1: An Active Prayer Life can Inspire

One of the reasons why many people pray is to obtain inspiration. If you are trying to create new content, why not use your prayers as a source? Perhaps you are struggling with the actions of your rebellious teenager, or dealing with a co-worker who is not of the church. The prayers that you say, the concerns you have, as well as how God responds to your situations can make wonderful blogging material. Nearly everyone struggles in their daily faith, so not only will your prayer life be approachable, but also extremely helpful to your readers.

Prayer Use # 2: Prayers can Provide Insight and Clarity

Often, when a person is struggling with an idea, prayer is seen as a way to clear away the cobwebs, and gain some insight. Perhaps it is the stillness experienced when listening to God, or perhaps it’s how the world seems to fall away that makes things shine with clarity. In either case, a regular and vibrant prayer life can help extend that clarity into all parts of your life, including writing. If your mind is clear, inspiration can be easily found.

Prayer Use #3: Gain Solace and Calmness

Finally, prayer can be used to gain solace and calmness, especially when deadlines are fast approaching. It has been show, even by secular studies, that taking a few breaks here and there can lead to new insights and understanding. This of course, can lead to more content. Why not take a break and say a few words in prayer? You might be surprised at how much things improve when you do.