5 Ways to Share Your Faith

Have you ever sat down to your desk, pulled up the screen to write a blog post, and wondered “How can I share my faith through my blog?” Many of us have a sincere desire to write about the love our Father has for us and to inspire others towards seeking Him. How can we effectively do that?

Here are a few ways that may help you share your faith.

Holy Bible
  • Your Testimony – This is sure to kickoff lots of emotion. Your retelling of your personal testimony will produce a passionate post that will touch the hearts of your readers. Real stories always make for the best blog posts and how much better when those stories are all about how God came into your life.
  • Changes God has made in you – Similar to sharing your testimony, giving your readers a look at how you have changed in your Christian walk will show them that you are more than a person behind a computer screen. I have often been able to relate to other blog owners when they open up and are transparent. People like to know that others have the same struggles. They desire to see that they can be changed as well.
  • Devotion ideas - Have any ideas on how to use wisely that quiet time with God? Do you have that personal time at night, in the morning, or while the children are napping? What changes have you made to your time of Bible study and prayer that have allowed for more consistency? We all can learn from our Christian brothers and sisters and for those who have a hard time making devotional time a priority, this may give them the extra boost they need!
  • Favorite Bible verses – What is your favorite Bible verse? Which particular Scripture has given you comfort when you need it? Perhaps a verse that you and your family are memorizing at the moment would be timely for someone else.
  • Where you are stumbling? – Are you struggling and falling in any area? Share it! One of my most popular posts was about where I fall short as a mother. My readers could relate in my shortcomings and I got lots of comments about the fact that they had the same problems. At the same time, my visitors shared ways in which to overcome particular things and I was able to use those ideas. Being transparent, when used wisely, is uncomfortable but may yield eternal benefits.

How have you shared your faith on your blog?

Photo courtesy: ba1969