5 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day on Your Blog

Love is in the air! The one thing I love about Valentine’s Day is that it’s not only a day to celebrate your love with your significant other, children, and family, but it’s a day you can celebrate Jesus’ love as well!

Valentine’s Day is a popular holiday and bloggers usually take advantage of that for extra traffic to their blogs. However so many of the Valentine’s Day posts you will find are about what gifts to give that special someone or crafts. While those posts are great fun not a subject all bloggers can write about those types of posts.

5 Ways to Celebrate Valentine

Here are 5 unique ways you can celebrate Valentine’s Day on your blog:

  1. Have a “Jesus Loves Me” Week – Everyday during the week of Valentine’s Day write a blog post showing how Jesus has shown His love to you and encourage your readers to share as well.
  2. Send a couple of your faithful readers a thank you email – Just send out a short email letting your readers know that you appreciate them and love them. Even ask if there is anything you can do to help them.
  3. Create some cute graphics. IF you are blessed to be able to design beautiful web graphics, create some cute Valentine theme graphics to giveaway to your blog readers.
  4. Write a blog post about why you love your readers - Your readers want to know you appreciate them. Write a blog post, it doesn’t have to been anything long, explaining why you love having them as a reader and how they encourage you.
  5. Surprise another blogger – I’m sure you are friends or are acquaintances with other bloggers. Help one out and sent them a surprise. It can be a $5 Amazon gift card, a copy of your ebook for free, or simply offer your help to them in anyway needed.

However you end up celebrating Valentine’s Day on your blog, make it fun, enjoyable, and full of love.

What are you planning for your blog on Valentine’s Day?