3 Ways To Share Your Testimony Online

If you are like a lot of Christian online you probably have a strong desire to share your faith and witness to others online.  One way of doing this is telling others about your personal testimony.


Sharing your faith and witnessing online can be a very emotional and intimate experience.  Depending on your story and background, sharing where you were before Christ and where you are after accepting Christ as your Savior, is a scary thing for people.  It however does help win people to Christ by seeing the power Christ has to forgive sins and to turn lives around.

There are 3 main ways you can share your story of faith online in a way that can help others.

  1. Write it – You can write about your faith on a blog, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress, forums, etc.   With the popularity of social media there are numerous ways you can share your faith and testimony online in the written form.  You could write articles and post them on different sites such as ezarticles.com.  You could guest blog for other bloggers if you don’t have your own blog.  You could write an ebook and then publish it on Amazon for Kindle.
  2. Video it – If you are not comfortable with your writing skills then consider recording a video.  Videos can be a very intimate way to share a story or an experience because the viewer can see your emotions and how you react while sharing it.  Just as a reminder, if you go the video route, the video doesn’t have to be a just of you and your face.  You could create a PowerPoint Presentation and turn it into a video or even use graphics to create a slideshow to get your point across.  Once you record your video, you can post it on to a blog, YouTube, Vimeo, or any of the hundreds of video sharing sites available online.  Once you have posted the video you can then share it on all of your social media sites as well.
  3. Podcast it – If you are not comfortable doing a video consider recording a podcast.  A podcast is just an audio recording that is normally delivered through iTunes to listeners.  Like video, a podcast is more personal than traditional writing in that the emotions in your voice come out for the listeners to hear. You can share your story, allow your listeners to see the emotional side of you, allow them to intimately connect with you, without the fear of a camera.  iTunes has made it so easy to publish a podcast, that you could easier reach hundreds of people this way.

The important thing is that your get your message out there.  Share your testimony.  Share how God has changed your life.  Share the love of God.