Want More Control Over Your Wordpress Blog?

Are you frustrated by your WordPress website?

I'm excited to bring this teaching to you. I've been blogging and using WordPress since 2007. I get so many questions about WordPress and the basics about it that I decided it was time to put this training together for you.

In this course you'll discover: 

  • How to write & publish a post, complete with images & links.
  • How to add a new page to your site.
  • How to change the design & layout of your site using themes & widgets.
  • How to install plugins & why you need to .
  • How to make changes to your menus.
  • and more...

Join the course today for just $27!

Here's what you'll get with the step-by-step How To WordPress Basics: Banish The Confusion video training course:

  • What is WordPress? - 1:45
  • Logging in to WordPress - 0:39
  • The WordPress dashboard - 2:02
  • How to create and publish a post  - 5:39
  • How add an image  to a post - 2:10
  • How to add a link to a post - 2:14
  • How to manage comments - 1:45
  • How to add a category - 1:09
  • How to create a page - 2:11
  • How to create and edit a custom menu - 3:33
  • WordPress themes and how to install them - 3:03
  • WordPress plugins and how to install them - 2:46
  • How to use widgets - 3:17
  • Bonus Video: How to customize your theme 4:51
  • Bonus Video: How to update your WordPress site 4:01
  • Bonus Video: Which plugins should you install on your site? 3:17
  • Bonus Video: How to create a static front page 3:15
  • Bonus Video: Understanding the settings of your WordPress site 4:50

Plus, I have a bonus report for you too (It's 54 pages!). 

  • Power Up Your Site With Plugins

Join the course today for just $27! 

Please keep in mind this course was created with the beginner in mind. The videos are simple and short, not too complex.

Who am I and why should you learn from me? 


I'm Tishia, owner of Tishia Saves Time. I've been working online - as a Virtual Assistant - with authors, bloggers, coaches, and other solopreneurs since 2006. I have a wide variety of skills, including WordPress, that I love bringing to others to help them share their message with the world!

I started out using Blogger for a personal blog when I first came online back in 2006 and quickly switched to a self-hosted WordPress blog...and have never looked back. It was one of the best choices I made for my online business(es).


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