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As Christians we have a message to share. Not just a message of salvation, but more personal ones - things like triumphs over abuse, addiction, and more! People need to hear these stories. They need to hear YOUR story. 

I invite you to download this FREE 16 page eBook Ready, Set, Share Your Message. This report was created to help show you how to take your message online. Simply enter your name and email address below for instant access:

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Five things you need to do to set yourself up as a blogger and to start taking your message to the virtual world. The eBook also has several 'see it in action' examples of what is being taught in that section.

About the author of Ready, Set, Share Your Message


Hi! I'm Tishia - owner of Tishia Saves Time Virtual Assistant Services.

I've been blogging and working with other bloggers, coaches, speakers, authors (and more) since 2006.

I help them behind the scenes - customer support, mailing list management, social media management, transcription and so much more!