Website Visitor Secrets - Where Do They Come From & What Are They Looking For?

Want To Finally Understand Your Blog Stats And Get More Traffic?

Hi there, Tishia Lee here.  I’m a long time blogger and virtual assistant. There’s an issue coming up with many clients and that is the need to understand web traffic statistics and applying the information smartly.

Many of them just don’t!  They don’t understand their stats and they’re certainly not putting them to use.

I wonder if you’re in the same boat?

We Must Know Our Web Stats: They Tell Us All About Our Readers.

  • What do our readers want to know about?
  • How did they get to our site?
  • Which of our pages hold their attention and which send them running?

If you know these things, you’re going to make decisions that draw more and more of your market to you.

If you’re not already doing this – I’d love to show you how.

Get Immediate Access To Google Analytics: Know Your Blog Stats Report + Access to a One Hour Webinar with Kelly McCausey & I


This guide will give you step-by-step instructions on how to:

  • Install Google Analytics successfully.
  • Identify the most important traffic statistics and what they are telling you about your business.
  • Set up a shortcut dashboard for quick access to your statistics.
  • Analyze key Google Analytics reports and data.
  • Set up simple Content Experiments and Goals to test specific changes to your website and to understand how they affect your blog/business.
  • Use the basic tools of Google Analytics to identify where you can increase conversions, visitor engagement, and the time visitors spend on your site.


The date of the live webinar has not been set. If the live webinar date/time doesn't work for you, we will record so you can listen at your convenience!

We'll be sharing what you need to know about your blog stats and give you simple to implement strategies to employ right away. Kelly's also going to demonstrate the process we use to evaluate existing blog traffic stats and the decisions we make about:

  • Capitalizing the content we already have for more traffic.
  • What content should be given extra inbound link effort.
  • Determining what new content to create to increase page views.
  • Tweaking content for optimal search engine benefits.
  • Make decisions about adding Affiliate Recommendations.
  • Make decisions about Google Adsense placement.
  • Spot content that just isn’t working.

Ready to tackle your blog’s web stats and put them to great use? We're ready to guide you through it!

Yes, Count Me In!

Instant Access to Report + One Hour Webinar

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Tishia Lee, Faithful Bloggers