This event has ended. Thank you for your support and help spreading the word! I'm thrilled to make a donation to my brother's family in the amount of $520.00! I couldn't have done this without YOU. Again, thank you!!!

Thank you for taking a few minutes out of your time to learn how you and other bloggers can be a huge blessing to a young family.


April 13, 2015 will be a day in my family's life that won't ever be forgotten... 

A chilly breeze was blowing through my bedroom window, opened for the first time after a long cold winter, with the smell of spring in the air. Outside the ground was wet, damp, and drab from being snow covered for months and it finally melting away.

Settling into work with a smile on my face, my cell phone rang. Seeing the words mom's cell pop up on my screen didn't surprise me, we talked every day.


As soon as I answered I knew something was wrong. Really wrong. There wasn't talking on the other end of the line. Instead, there was sniffling and crying, making it hard to understand...

(mom) Tishia, Braylan has cancer

(me) NOOOOOOOOOO I screamed as my knees buckled and I dropped to the ground.

That was the call that changed my life. That's the day our new "normal" started - Braylan having to be treated at a children's hospital 3 hours away for leukemia.

bray-before-leukemiaWho's Braylan?

He's my spunky, fun-loving, tell it like it is, 4 year old nephew. The boy that loves legos and gets mad at Aunt Tishia because she doesn't know how to put them together when according to him, "all you have to do is look at the pictures and read the directions."  Yep, a smartie pants too ;-)

He has spent the last seven month's of his life fighting leukemia. And on November 4th he just went through a bone marrow transplant. As far as he's come, he still has so much farther to go.

This is where the blessing comes in! 

12227817_968686363203827_2716252357667065950_nBraylan's parents, this is my brother and sister-in-law, have been at Braylan's side every minute as well as taking care of Braylan's little brother. They've been traveling three hours to the children's hospital (and are currently "living" there while Braylan is in isolation). She's self-employed, he works but he's been off. Financially it's no secret, it's no surprise, their family is as tapped out as it gets.

God bless my local community. There have been fundraisers that have helped meet needs like gas money, mortgage payments, car payments and other essentials. It's been amazing to see the outpouring of support. But it's never enough!

Watching my baby brother's family go through this is so heartbreaking. I want to do something special and this is where I invite you to be part of it!  I've put together the Bloggers Blessing Braylan Fundraiser.  (the event runs November 23 - December 2)

I'm putting up all three of the Faithful Bloggers Festivals. What has sold for $27 individually, I'm selling the entire package in this fundraiser for just $27!

festival-one-speakersFestival #1: What’s Working For Successful Christian Bloggers

  • Luke & Trisha Gilkerson of
  • Kim Sorgius of
  • Erin Odom of
  • Heather Bixler of Becoming Press
  • Janis Meredith of JBM Thinks

Bonus Gift:

  • Kelly's Faith Fueled Business Devotions (PDF)

festival-2-speakers1Festival 2: How Homeschool Bloggers Are Rocking Blogs

  • Tracy Roberts of
  • Jen Reyneri of
  • Lynette Chandler of
  • Katie Horner of

Bonus Gifts:

  • Comment & Subscribe WP Plugin
  • Plugin Power Up Report (PDF)

speakersfestival-3 Festival 3: Take Your Message To The Microphone (Live & Virtually)

  • Felicia Slattery of
  • Jill Hart of
  • Sandy Lawrence of

Bonus Gifts:

  • Sticky Note Ad WP Plugin
  • Speaking To Groups (PDF)


When some of my friends heard about this, they wanted to get involved too. So at no additional costs there are some extra bonuses you'll see listed below. If you purchased these bonuses (and the 3 faithful bloggers festivals) individually it would cost $240.95  but during this special event you'll pay just $27.00! And 100% of the profit is going straight to Braylan and his family.


180_1385690149Personality types in business $27.00 value from Kelly McCausey of

Course description: Want to make smarter business decisions? I’ve got a sure fire way to equip you for it and that’s knowing your Personality Type.  When you know yourself better and know how your personality mixes and blends with others, you make better decisions about your business.


color-monthly-premier-004-overviewColor Monthly Premiere Package $7.00 value from Kelly McCausey of

This Package Includes:

10 Coloring Pages 5 Folded Card Designs 3 Relaxing Pattern Designs 1 December Calendar Page 1 Weekly Planner Page 1 Gratitude Tracker Page


resized Cherished Magazine November 2015 - A Christian Woman Magazine12 month Subscription to Cherished Magazine (digital/online magazine) $27.00/per year value from Sheryl Siler of Cherished Magazine

Magazine description: Cherished Magazine was birthed out of Sheryl’s desire to help women see how valuable they are just the way God made them.  They are enough, they are valuable they are not alone. So the idea of a  digital online magazine for Christian women that is packed-full of encouragement was born.  So give it a try.  Take a break … we want you to feel renewed, refreshed and recharged.


ecover-compiledWebsite by the Weekend $47.00 value from Angela Wills of Marketers Mojo

Course description: Give Me Just FOUR Days and I’ll Teach You to Set Up Your Website. All you need is a hosting account, a domain name and a little determination...


web-OE-ebookOutsource Envy $24.95 value from Veronica Kirchoff of Outsource Envy

Check out what you'll get immediate access to:

  • The real secret behind "free outsourcing"... and how to instantly get your most challenging business tasks outsourced without paying a penny upfront (and sometimes never)
  • Why you should never use just one single outsourcing site for everything, if you want to get the highest quality results on the smallest of budgets
  • The exact roadmap on outsourcing for profit (This will be revolutionary to your business!)
  • How to outsource to get massive amounts of traffic to any web property you wish!
  • A simple, singular question, to ask your outsourcer to immediately increase their value and effeciency by at least 35% (if not more)
  • If you do this within 6 minutes of contacting your outsourcer, you'll enjoy an advantage 99.9% of Internet marketers never realize (their loss... your gain)
  • and more!

2-wpsec-binderWordPress Security & Maintenance $27.00 value from Tanya Bryant of Star VA

Course Description: WordPress Security and Maintenance is done by continually checking a WordPress site to make sure it is up-to-date and secure from spam, malware, and other attacks.  This is important because it will ensure that the website will be running at peak performance.

Here's What Your Kit Contains:

  • WordPress Maintenance Training Manual
  • WordPress Client Intake Form
  • WordPress Maintenance Services Wording
  • WordPress Maintenance VA Checklist
  • BONUS! WordPress Safety Quiz
  • BONUS! Critical Website Information Sheet
  • BONUS! Website Update Tracker


I want to help but I'm not interested in purchasing the package deal - can I still help? 

Yes! Absolutely.


The day after it ends, I'll be creating a blog post to share the grand total YOU helped raise and how much WE donated to them!


Thank you for your support!

Blessings, Tishia