This Mom’s Thankful Thursday – 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

Today's Thankful Thursday is all about getting to know one another.  That reminds me of all of the  online friendships that I am thankful for.  Yes, I have 'real-life' friendships, but it is so hard to get together with girlfriends, simply because I am a busy working wife and mom.  Lots to do! However, I can sneak in some blogging and online activities when my hubby and children are distracted with their own  interests.

That's where online friendships come in.  What would I do without your encouragement, support and advice!

10 Things You Didn't Know About Me or Maybe You Do:

  1. One of my online friendships turned into a real-life friendship.  We text, talk on the phone, and have even discussed visiting one another.  She's a treasure and I am very thankful to have her.
  2. I have a scar on my right knee from a cut I received when I was 11 months old.
  3. I never ever dreamed I would be overweight as an adult.  I was a skinny girl up until my senior year of high school.  Thanks a lot to all of the fast food restaurants and the vending machines!
  4. I'm actually adopted by one of my parents.  I feel special because I was actually chosen!
  5. I have a brother who's spent time in prison.  He almost died earlier this year.  Despite his circumstances and choices, I love him with all my heart.
  6. I really thought my first child would be a girl.  I was wrong.  Mr. Matthew came first.
  7. I really didn't want a girl.  I worried that I wouldn't get along with a girl, simply because my mom and I clashed a lot.  Now, that I'm older, I see things differently with my own mom.  My daughter and I do clash, but I know it's mostly me, because I'm a moody girl that's passing it on to her girl.  However, it's something God and I are working on together!
  8. I can't wear fake fingernails and do the laundry.  Pulling the clothes out of the dryer was difficult with them on.  So, give up the nails or doing the laundry?  Sadly, I chose to give up the nails, simply because I didn't want anyone running around naked, especially me!
  9. My teeth are crooked.  My mom tried to get me braces before I left home, but I was fine with crooked teeth then.  I now wish I would've gotten the braces.  Oh well!
  10. I have a destructive personality.  I have sabotaged relationships in the past with my own jealousy.  Another one that God is helping me change!

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This Mom's Thankful!